49M Kinect game

An educational game using the power of X-Box Kinekt

We were asked to create an educational platform for kids to interact and learn energy saving solutions.The goal of the game was to get the kids to turn off as many energy sapping appliances in a limited time frame. As they went through the house turning off appliances, using the motion sensor technology of Kinect they uncovered bonus games like ‘Knock out the pool pump’, ‘Shoot out the lights with lightbulb Larry’ etc. The kids who turned off the most appliances and therefore saved the most energy, went to the top of the leaderboard and won prizes. The game also took action shots of the kids while they played and shared them to their social platforms.

The game was developed entirely in house with our production and audio studio as well as our 3D animation team who conceptualised and brought the main characters ‘Larry’ and “Solly’ to life.



From April until October this year our game has travelled to various schools and exhibitions across the country, being featured at 12 different events in total, we have had 45 284 kids exposed to the game. 41% of these kids interacted and experienced the game first hand. That’s a total of 18 672 kids who have played the game, learning all the power saving tips in an engaging and fun way and helping the country keep the lights on, remembering that every little bit helps.


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